About Augusto Custodio

It can be a piece of art, a majestic painting or a detail gone unnoticed by careless eyes. In any space, internal or external, defined or not, the videos made by Augusto Custodio welcome the beauty of any composition.


His lenses create a journey of feelings between contours, strokes and volumes. It is a new meaning for thirsty individuals, that seek art in architecture and interior design. A mix between the sensations of images and soundtracks that are delicately chosen.

Custodio is a publicist with a heart filled with art, flooded by a deep passion for architecture and design. His videos are conceptual, engaging, sentimental and personified. His work portraits a strong connections between creation and creator.

In 2017, Augusto Custodio set up his office in São Paulo, becoming the most influential brand in the production and distribution of video content for the architecture and interiors segment.